January 9, 2009

Yes, You Can Recycle Fabric Scraps and Old Shoes!

Do you sometimes hesitate to get rid of things like old socks and stained and ripped jeans because you feel bad that it will be sitting in a garbage dump, polluting the earth? I certainly felt this way, and being the creative person that I am I always had plans to make sock puppetts or a hat or use the jeans to patch other jeans and so on. Of course, mostly, I just had mounds of unusable stuff in piles that I never ended up using because I am too busy with my myriad other projects.

For anyone else with these guilty feelings about throwing stuff in the trash, there is some very good news in the case of anything fabric.

I recently discovered that charities bag up unwanted donations of clothing to be sold for scrap, which to me is a much better fate than sitting in a landfill taking up valuable space, so I would say that any fabric at all should go to charity, perhaps labelled "scrap fabric" so they know to just chuck it in the recycle pile.

Apparently Goodwill loves scrap clothing. They may not try to sell it, but your stained or shabby dress or blouse is sold to a bulk fabric shredder who will recycle it. Your old socks will be shredded and made into something useful rather than buried in a landfill, and Goodwill earns a bit of money toward education and training people looking for work.

I know that Nike also recycles used running shoes and shreds them up to make things like basketball courts.

January 8, 2009

Hemp - Great Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Ruth's Flax Bars

Earlier this year, Ruth's Hemp Foods presented their flax bars on QVC and they were very popular!

They have a great deal right now, because they are clearing out overstock from that appearance. Super Special - $10 / box!! (that's $0.80 per bar!)

Each box contains 4 of each of 3 flavours: Very Berry, CranNut Flax and Tropical Flax.

They are all gluten-free, contain no refined sugar, with 5 - 7 grams of protein. A great snack, providing lots of energy to keep you sailing through your day.

The company states: Buy lots - they're good until the end of May and you'll never see this deal again! (This special is only for the mixed flax bars)

Click here to go to their online store:


Personally, I am going to stock up!

January 7, 2009

Hemp Seed - Another Miracle Food!

I have discovered a Canadian company that manufactures yummy treats from Hemp and other healthy ingredients, full of protein, good fats and fibre.

I had been hunting the internet, looking for gluten free foods, and found a recommendation for a gluten free burger manufactured by Ruth's Hemp Foods, which unfortunately has been discontinued. What I found instead was a host of delicious bars and other healthy foods.

There really is a Ruth behind these products, and here is what she has to say:

When I learned about the nutritional powers of the amazing hemp seed, that was it for me. I started producing hemp food. I am in love with food, with health, with love, and want to share this. I am not in love with genetic modification, hydrogenated fats, refined sugars and other garbage. You won't find these in my products.

The inside of the hemp seed is rich in both protein and oil. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids. The protein in hemp is excellent quality, with a high percentage of amino acids. In contrast with most soy, it is not genetically modified.

In addition to Omega 3 fatty acids, hemp contains Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), which is very rare and found primarily in evening primrose and borage.

Ruth's Certified Organic Hemp Oil contains an even better ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids than other hemp oils. The ratio is 2:1 which is great since the North American diet is lacking in Omega 3. Hemp oil is the only oil that contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and GLA.

January 6, 2009

Want to Detox?

In addition to dietary measures, here are a few ways to feel less sluggish during the dark days of winter:

1. Get a natural bristle brush and start sloughing off dead skin cells. Start at your feel and move upwards toward your heart with gentle, circular motions. Then do your arms and other areas, always moving toward your heart. End with a warm bath that has about a cup of epsom salts and 1/3 cup of baking soda. Soak for 20 minutes. Try this about once a month.

2. Get a mini trampoline and bounce away while you watch your favorite TV shows. This is really great for your lymphatic system. If you don't have a trampoline, go for a brisk walk or jog instead and you will experience the bonus of some fresh air and new scenery.

Exercising produces sweat, which helps to flush out metabolic wastes. Saunas and steam rooms are also good for this, as long as you do not have health problems (like high blood pressure or heart problems) that contraindiate using them, so check with your doctor if you have any doubts. Make sure and rinse off in a warm shower afterward!


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