May 6, 2011

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6 - My New Kicks!

We are now, finally experiencing gorgeous spring weather here in Toronto, so it is time to get out there and walk or run to get fresh air, exercise, enjoy all the gardens springing to life and clear out those winter cobwebs! I always come back from a long walk feeling refreshed, energized and with a much better perspective on any issues I am dealing with.

Despite my 80-odd pairs of shoes, it seems I have a need for running shoes this year as, unfortunately, even when they still look good on the outside, they lose cushioning and support over time, leading to potential injury. Fortunately, every May our local Running Room store has a big sale of last year's models and some really good deals on great shoes are available. My choice of shoe this year is Mizuno - I absolutely love my new Mizuno Wave Nirvana shoes. I love the pretty turquoise trim and they are the most spongy, comfortable shoes ever, with lots of support as well. If you have a need for new running shoes as well, get thee to a Running Room location posthaste!

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